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Post #22 Podcast?

I was considering starting a podcast discussing anime and manga topics on soundcloud.  I’m definitely going to do it, but I’m stumped in trying to make cover art for the podcast.


Post #21 My New Identity

I have decided to make a comic series, a series like a comic strip. Instead of releasing it in strips, it will be released two pages at a time. I will maybe post it monthly, though I haven’t decided what the comic pages will be about, please lend me your hand and help me decide, I kind of want to make it about romance, how does that sound? i have decided to produce these comics under the pen name “Ushio Mochi”, I was actually considering Tsukiyo instead of Ushio but I’m pretty sure that Tsukiyo is a girl name.  Hit that like for Ushio Mochi.

I started the Artificial Academy 2 series on my youtube channel.  Go and check it out I just posted episode 1 and will be posting a new episode every week.  Here is the first episode.

Post #19 to the Commentary

I finally started posting fan commentary videos again, I hope that they get popular.

I got a better setup for the series.  Watch before youtube takes it down, if they decide that it’s copyright infringement.

Post #18 Artificial Academy 2

I was thinking that maybe I should make videos on youtube of the H game “Artificial Academy 2”, of course if I do i will be cutting out all of the h scenes and all of the inappropriate stuff.  Maybe if I do make it a series I will leave in the 17+ stuff, not sure though.  should I make an “Artificial Academy 2” series?  Comment on this post if you think I should, or go to my youtube videos and tell me in the comment section.


My Youtube Channel:

My newest video I hope you like it.

Subscribe to my channel, I will be uploading more about manga and stuff.

Post #16 My Youtube Channel

I started a youtube channel that is under the categories of gaming, anime and manga.  I am working to improve the content of the channel, so if it doesn’t live up to your expectations  I am sorry.  I plan on getting a PlayStation Vita with a capture card built in.  I want to post some gameplays of Senran Kagura: shinovi versus and Conception II.  Hopefully I will be able to get it.  I post content every week and will continue to. I will work on posting videos more often.  Check me out on youtube at  I will aim to get more anime based gaming content, one that I really want to get posted is Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments.  I hope to see you on youtube.  If you have any suggestions as to what would improve my youtube channel please let me know.

Post #15 Highschool DXD

I have recently experienced a bouncy big breasted anime that is new to me and that is Highschool DXD. I love this anime, it has action, romance, comedy, and best of all, bouncy breasts.  Some of the content in this anime is a bit disturbing, so be warned, this is mature content with strong language and nudity.  This show is something great.  When you get the chance, if you haven’t, watch it, go to anime palm, they have in both subbed an dubbed, so enjoy it to the fullest.

Post #14

I have made a few GIFs and my bests have to be the ones with bouncing breast, probably my favorite too, because some of the stuff I make is a bit perverted, but if anything, I only make my GIFs with a limit of 17+ anime, I wont go anywhere above.  This is a GIF.

This is the GIF link, guess which anime this from.

I am still excited for Haganai in english dubbed I would like you to choose a side, I will be choosing Sena, choose you’re side, and tell me why you chose that side.